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Temple Grandin (2010)

Temple Grandin is a TV movie starring Claire Danes, Julia Ormond, and David Strathairn. A biopic of Temple Grandin, an autistic woman who has become one of the top scientists in the humane livestock handling industry.

IMDB: 8.31 Likes

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The Synopsis for Temple Grandin (2010) 720p

Biopic of , an autistic woman who overcame the limitations imposed on her by her condition to become a Ph.D. and expert in the field of animal husbandry. She developed an interest in cattle early in life while spending time at her Aunt and Uncle's ranch. She did not speak until age four and had difficulty right through high school, mostly in dealing with people. Her mother was very supportive as were some of her teachers. She is noted for creating her "hug box", widely recognized today as a way of relieving stress in autistic children, and her humane design for the treatment of cattle in processing plants, which have been the subject of several books and won an award from PETA. Today, she is a professor at Colorado State University and well-known speaker on autism and animal handling.

The Director and Players for Temple Grandin (2010) 720p

[Director]Mick Jackson
[Role:]Catherine OHara
[Role:]Claire Danes
[Role:]Julia Ormond
[Role:]David Strathairn

The Reviews for Temple Grandin (2010) 720p

This movie is amazingReviewed byGrammarMattersVote: 9/10

Don't miss this movie. You will be glad you saw it. It does a great job of letting you see the world through the eyes of Temple Grandin.

I've seen the real Temple in documentaries and such several times, and although Claire is too good looking - she does a great job of capturing what it is like to be Temple.

The movie is intense and I almost felt like I was experiencing the world the way Temple would. Congratulations to the writers and director.

Temple is a brave and heroic figure and this movie will leave you spiritually uplifted and optimistic.

The life, struggles and success of autistic scientist Temple GrandinReviewed byAmandaBroadfootVote: 9/10

Few stories have been better suited to the film format that the life of autistic scientist Temple Grandin. Not because she's a breathtaking beauty. Or even necessarily because her story is full of blockbuster plot twists.

It's her brain. The HBO original film "Temple Grandin," directed by Mick Jackson and starring Claire Danes in the title role, does a brilliant and beautiful job of illustrating how her unique brain thinks in pictures. Instant recall of every image you've ever seen is both a blessing and a curse and the movie shows how she learns, with the help of her mother, aunt and teachers, to use her assets, even as she struggles with the limitations that autism imposes on her.

Diagnosed as autistic at the age of four, Temple Grandin was encouraged and sometimes pushed by her devoted mother, depicted here by Julia Ormond, to engage with the world, take a look at it from her distinct point of view and make it a better place. Though doctors predicted she would never speak, she ultimately graduated both high school and college and became a world-renowned animal behaviorist, completely revolutionizing the treatment of livestock in the cattle industry.

She also became one of the most respected advocates for autistic people, giving interviews and doing speaking engagements, writing books and teaching college classes. Not bad for someone who was never supposed to speak, huh? (I'm not really giving away the plot by telling you this, because the film is not about what she does, so much as the way she does it.) As I watched this movie, I wondered, "Why couldn't this film have come out before 'Rainman?'" Then, at least, parents of autistic children -- and the world at large -- would have more than one popular image of what autism can be.

Claire Danes is amazing; she just disappears into the role of Grandin. Granted, prosthetic teeth are used to subtly change the shape of her face, but she also captures what Grandin has described as her "easily spooked" quality in the skittish way she moves throughout the film. Ormond gives a moving performance as the mother who never flinches in the face of her daughter's disorder, pushing her constantly to expand her comfort zone. David Strathairn, one of my favorite actors, portrays her immensely supportive science teacher, Dr. Carlock, with quiet genius.

The real star of the film, though, is the director, who took what some might have turned into a mundane Lifetime movie-of-the-week and drew a startling and unforgettable portrait of a beautiful mind.

As the parent of an autistic child, I was mildly disappointed to find a couple of things missing in the film. Most of her childhood is absent, as filmmakers chose to focus on how she used her autism, as an adult, to reshape an entire industry. There is a scene that shows her mother relentlessly drilling a four-year-old Grandin on flashcards, but no scene that actually depicts her first words.

Also, Grandin has, in interviews, been very straightforward about the fact that she takes certain medication, including anti-depressants. She began taking these drugs in her 30s and gives them a lot of credit for her current functionality. This is missing from the film, which focuses on her more creative and natural means of calming herself in the face of stress.

The description of Temple that her mother instilled in her, that would later become her motto for autistic people everywhere -- "different, but not less" -- is a moving and simple message that I sincerely hope the world adopts as its view of autism. We may not always understand these special people, but as "Temple Grandin" so brilliantly illustrates, they have so much to offer the world and a unique way of looking at it.

(For a glimpse at our experience parenting an autistic child, check out the "Spinning Plates" blog at www.AmandaBroadfoot.com.)

Why Temple Grandin deserved Oscar nominations.Reviewed bySkyPowersVote: 7/10

There are some reviewers who will never award a 10 under the premise it is theoretically unattainable or lessens their credibility as a true auteur and critic of the filmmakers art. When I worked for MGM and the "Rain Man" campaign, I already had written hundreds of synopsis on the back of video boxes, including all the historic landmark films I studied in film school. It hurts to know this film is not nominated for a Best Picture Oscar nor Danes for Best Actress, for which I believe she would and should win -- the acting demands of her performance exceeding Dustin Hoffman's in "Rain Man." She had more emotional and intellectual notes to play and she played them to perfection. As for the film, it touches on the subject of life and death, not only for animals but humans as well in a searingly raw and truthful way, much as my own mother, suffering from dementia at her deathbed asked me, "After I die, then what?" Dane's performance reminded me of Patty Duke's in "Miracle Worker" in which the entire performance transcended the craft into pure belief. Acting is believing and you don't for a microsecond believe she is acting. As did her character Temple Grandin, Danes has "walked through another door into a whole new world" as an actress.

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