Shadowlands (1993) 1080p YIFY Movie

Shadowlands (1993) 1080p

Shadowlands is a movie starring Anthony Hopkins, Debra Winger, and Julian Fellowes. C.S. Lewis, a world-renowned Christian theologian, writer and professor, leads a passionless life until he meets a spirited poet from the U.S.

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The Synopsis for Shadowlands (1993) 1080p

is the author of the "Chronicles of Narnia" books. Known as Jack, he teaches at Oxford during the 1950s. An American fan, Joy Gresham, arrives to meet him for tea in Oxford. It is the beginning of a love affair. Tragically, Joy becomes terminally ill and their lives become complicated.

The Director and Players for Shadowlands (1993) 1080p

[Director]Julian Fellowes
[Role:]Debra Winger
[Role:Director]Richard Attenborough
[Role:]Anthony Hopkins
[Role:]Roddy Maude-Roxby

The Reviews for Shadowlands (1993) 1080p

Lewis' step-son says the portrayal of emotion is perfect.Reviewed bymecandesVote: 10/10

A few years ago, I had the pleasure to correspond with Douglas Gresham. (FYI, Douglas is Joy's son -- thus C.S. Lewis step-son -- played by Joseph Mazzello in this film.) I had recently seen Shadowlands, and so I asked Douglas how "true to life" the picture was. He told me that some details (dates, places) had been changed slightly for obvious dramatic/story-telling reasons, but that the "spirit" and "feeling" of all the emotions portrayed in the movie were perfectly accurate. That's exactly what it all felt like, he said.

I own the movie (and the soundtrack), and have seen it a dozen times... and I still get teary-eyed at the scene where Douglas and Jack cry in each other's arms... this movie rates a perfect 10 from me; I can't find any fault with it at all.

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant...what more can I say?Reviewed bywalmingtonVote: 10/10

When I first heard of this film I thought it would be too near 'The Remains of the Day', made in the same year and along the same lines. A repressed English man in repressed England (which it is, I should know!), but I couldn't have been more wrong. There are similarities in his character but it doesn't matter because this film is amazing. Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger are brilliant. Winger as the brash American who falls in love with CS Lewis and he with her. It's such a heart wrenching film, you'll be groaning by the end of it. It hits you in all the right places due to Richard Attenborough's brilliant directing and the acting of the two stars. Watch out for Hopkins at the end sat with Winger's son after her death. I challenge anybody not to feel moved as he breaks down in tears. Or as he sits at her death bed. I don't know how he does it but you are so convinced that he is hurting, as we know he is.

My favourtie all time quote comes from this film and I think it defines the film so well. A vicar speaks to CS Lewis after his wife's death and tells him God is the creator and we can't do anything to change his decisions. And Lewis's reply is: "No, we're the creatures aren't we? We're the rats in the cosmic laboratory. I've no doubt the experiment is for our own good but, uh, still makes God the vivisectionist doesn't it?"

Think about it. I highly recommend this film.

We watch movies to know we are not alone...Reviewed byrondineVote: 7/10

In the movie, a student of C.S. Lewis' tells him that his father, also a teacher, told him that we read to know we are not alone. The same can be said of movies. Especially ones like this one that so honestly & openly show us of another's joy & suffering. There are a few moments in movies that for me have rung true like no others. One is in the movie Steel Magnolias when Sally Field sits after her daughter has passed away & just silently cries and strokes her hand. Another is at the end of this movie, when a brilliantly played Joseph Mazzello (Douglas) tells Anthony Hopkins (Lewis) that he just wishes he could see her again. Wow! Who hasn't felt that way after losing a loved one? So true to life. This movie is beautifully acted and directed. In essence it's about "carpe diem", seizing the day- regardless of the pain involved. After all, if we don't know pain, how can we ever really know the depths of joy that life can reveal to us? The pain then is part of the happiness now- that's the deal.

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