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First Man (2018) 1080p

First Man is a movie starring Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy, and Jason Clarke. A look at the life of the astronaut, Neil Armstrong, and the legendary space mission that led him to become the first man to walk on the Moon on July 20, 1969.

IMDB: 7.629 Likes

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The Synopsis for First Man (2018) 1080p

A Biopic on the life of the legendary American Astronaut Neil Armstrong from 1961-1969, on his journey to becoming the first human to walk the moon. Exploring the sacrifices and costs on the Nation and Neil himself, during one of the most dangerous missions in the history of space travel.

The Director and Players for First Man (2018) 1080p

[Director]Damien Chazelle
[Role:]Kyle Chandler
[Role:]Jason Clarke
[Role:]Ryan Gosling
[Role:]Claire Foy

The Reviews for First Man (2018) 1080p

Thru the eyes of the first manReviewed bydaniel-dippelVote: 9/10

I now laugh when I reread some of the negative reviews - to summarize: it made me have motion sickness so I left, didn't develop the orher characters enough, too somber and brooding, didn't cover all of the events of Niel Armstrongs career, etc. Well, most of these individuals missed the point of the movie or don't understand this genre of storytelling. It is a first person account basically told through the eyes of the first person to walk on the moon. I found this refreshing and not your typical Hollywood approach of trying to fit too much, too thinly for such an epic sweeping story that covers decades and dozen of key figures. It could have been 3-3.5 hours long. Yes, it could have been a TV mini-series or two (or more) movies. I love that it was told through the eyes of one central figure. Told through the eyes of the man that all of the accumulated effort of thousands of people and billions of dollars spent to accomplish one goal before the Soviets and for humankind - having a human step foot on the moon for the first time. I cannot remember a cinematic experience that got me as close to experiencing what it was truly like to be there first hand, in the drivers seat if you will, or better put, insabely strapped into a coffin fixed atop a massive liquid fuel explosion. How any person would be brave enough to face this, be able to perform well while in the thick of it and want to do it again and again is beyond words (or sanity). With death and fear all around no wonder there was a dark cloud hanging over everyone. I am sure all of us have marvelled at what has been accomplished by the NASA space missions especially Apollo. The movie Apollo 13 was a very good story that I thought put me as close to being an Astronaut as i could get. I was wrong. So, go and see First Man. Go and let yourself become THE astronaut. THE first human that was there at the very top of a giant pyramid of people because many before had made the ultimate sacrifice to make possible one giant leap for mankind. i will never look at another manned space vehicle, past or present, or astronaut again the same way,

Missed OpportunityReviewed bymarco-m-moranaVote: 1/10

It is biographical movie about the life of Neil Armstrong based on Hansen's book "First Man The Life of Neil Armstrong". Jeffrey Kulger in the Life magazine commemorative edition of Neil Armstrong's life 1930-2012, the Armstrong I was, on what Neil said when asked about Hansen's book: "I do not have the book ! and snapped". I wonder if Neil was asked about this movie in 2018, hypothetically speaking since he died in 2012, he would have snapped as well. In my opinion, this movie fails to focus on one of the main reasons of why Neil was humble about his achievement to be the first man on the moon. Jeff asked this exact question to Neil's first wife Jane: "he feels guilty that he got all the acclaim for an effort of tens of thousand people". This movie fails to focus on this important aspect of Neil's career that should be celebrated along with the people that worked for and with NASA in those years. The producers of this movie should have asked themselves what was the point to do such a movie. The movie focuses on the grief for the loss of his daughter that is certainly important but neglects important aspects of his life and career. The movie could have focus on how he dealt with the celebrity status after he left NASA and his pursuit of teaching engineering at University of Cincinnati and how he remain humble about his achievements for all the years after the moon landing. The movie could have focus on how inspiring his life has been for many young people that choose careers in science and engineering following his foot steps. This movie is really a missed opportunity to emphasise what made Neil Armstrong one of the greatest American heroes of all time!

Painfully boring movie for such a monumental moment in historyReviewed bySkotsuyamaVote: 4/10

First off, the shaky cam for the entire movie... It looked like they strapped a go pro to a comfort dog. It felt like nothing was in focus, and my eyes were constantly adjusting and trying to find what I was supposed to be looking at. Like a child stole the camera out his parents hands with no notion of how to operate it.

And the parts of Neil Armstrong's life that they chose to show... I felt like they must have chosen the most mundane and boring parts. Like showing how hard it was for his wife to raise their children while he was working. That should be a touching and thought provoking idea. But it came off as annoying, and a padding for the film so it'd be 2 hours. But the film ends up feeling like a 4 hour film with only 20 - 30 minutes worth of content.

I'm not a film maker, so I know I shouldn't judge, but surely, any other film maker would have made this movie it in a way to at least hold your interest. Any after school special would have at least hit me with some key points to hold my attention. Which brings me to terribly slow pace of the editing. I felt like they cut all the emotional parts out, and left in the silent moments after the emotion had passed. And it's horribly boring to watch. I kept having in inject my own imagination into the movie, to help it along. Like why is Neil acting like that now? Why is he with holding his emotions with his wife? Is he stressed? Nervous? Terrified? I'm missing those moments and only showed the moments where he walks into his house, pours a glass of lemon tea, and then lies and said he forgot something at the office. And what office? We never saw him in an office... I don't understand why 70% of the scenes were left in the movie.

The training aspects were great. Why he was selected would have been interesting to watch. But we only get a slight glimpse. I never really got to see what made Neil Armstrong a better candidate than say, Joe Normal Guy. What drove him to try and fly a plane into outer space in the first shot? This movie didn't explore his motivation at all.

A few of his buddies having drinks in the backyard, also we're good to show the camaraderie. Jason Clarke was great. All the acting was great I'd say. Great casting too I think. They felt like a team. That's why I'm guessing the slow paced and failure to intrigue me is due to the team behind the camera. Director, editing, writing.

Maybe this is the director's first film.. I just skimmed his imdb page. And I read he's a great writer. But he didn't write this. That just seems like a terrible fit for this movie. All directors have to start somewhere I guess. But if you ask me would I think the writer of Lalaland would be a good fit to not write First Man, but only to direct it, I'd say of course not! Why would he even pop into your mind? I'm not in the movie business, so I can't connect these dots. But I'm guessing the dots are more about connections he has in the industry rather than being the right guy for the job. I've seen a lot of bad movies and bad directors before. And after watching First Man, this director is definitely one that I'm going to avoiding in the future. Maybe if he writes and directs his own movie it'd be watchable.. I really hope he can prove me wrong..

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