Finding Normal (2013) 1080p YIFY Movie

Finding Normal (2013) 1080p

Finding Normal is a TV movie starring Lou Beatty Jr., Andrew Bongiorno, and Valerie Lynn Brett. The only thing standing between Dr. Lisa Leland (Candice Cameron Bure) and the wedding of her dreams in the Hamptons is a 2600-mile...

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The Synopsis for Finding Normal (2013) 1080p

The only thing standing between Dr. Lisa Leland (Candice Cameron Bure) and the wedding of her dreams in the Hamptons is a 2600-mile drive from Los Angeles to Long Island. However, a run in with the law in the country town of Normal, North Carolina leaves Dr. Leland with a choice--Jail or community service. Sentenced to serve three days as the town's doctor, Lisa has her world turned upside down by a man she would never expect. Quickly, Lisa finds that there's a lot more to Normal than she could have ever imagined.

The Director and Players for Finding Normal (2013) 1080p

[Director]Brian Herzlinger
[Role:]Andrew Bongiorno
[Role:]Dodie Brown
[Role:]Valerie Lynn Brett
[Role:]Lou Beatty Jr.

The Reviews for Finding Normal (2013) 1080p

Not pure for PUREFLIXReviewed bytfrrtVote: 1/10

A professing Christian actress kissing multiple men other than her real life husband. Also, immodestly dressed in tight jeans and a low-cut wedding dress and other tops. Intertwined with ungodly rock n' roll/country music, and lustful and suggestive dancing. Very sensual! Sadly, evangelical Christianity has continued to drift and is accepting of this entertainment.

"I'm stuck in Mayberry"Reviewed bybkoganbingVote: 3/10

In what could have been an average celebratory film of the American small town turned political when they named what was the villain, that organization in league with the dark forces of the universe, the American Civil Liberties Union.

Dr. Candace Cameron Bure for reasons I'm still not clear on decides to drive cross country to the Hamptons to marry another pricey society doctor Andrew Bongiorno. But warrants for her unpaid tickets catch up to her in Normal, Louisiana and she's given a choice by the Grand Poobah of the place Lou Beatty, 3 days community service or some jail time. Actually Bure gets the jail time anyway as they fix up lodging for her in one of the cells. The way Otis Campbell was lodged after a night's toot. It really does look like Mayberry.

Beatty is judge, doctor, coroner and a few other things and he's also black. Now that's most unMaybery like in many ways. He's thinking that Bure is a heaven sent someone to take over his practice as he is terminal as well. And pretty soon Bure is in step with the slow pace of life.

But this film went from being average fodder for the Hallmark Channel when the guy who Bure is falling for Trevor St.John is representing the town in a suit filed by the ACLU. Someone from Massachusetts passing through their fair city objects to the neon cross on public land. As if anyone from the homogenized town of Normal would ever object.

I would hate to be a Jew, a Moslem, a Sikh, a Latino migrant worker or worst of all gay in that place. And an organization that champions these outsiders, must be from the dark side. I'll bet there weren't 3 votes for Hillary from this place.

Finding Normal's message is that this is the only way to live just be like the Stepford like population of Normal. God help you if you are not.

Family FunReviewed byjohnj-02245Vote: 9/10

Finding Normal was an enjoyable movie for the whole family. There were humorous moments and some poignant phrases that brought the film to a deeper level. As a mother with young children, it is nice to come across a movie that doesn't scare them or embarrass me. The acting was very well done and I enjoyed the country scenery. It was refreshing to see small town life portrayed in a positive light, exposing some of the stereotypes that float around unchallenged. I was also pleased to see homeschooling portrayed as a viable option for a "normal" family, again challenging certain unfair stereotypes. Overall, the film gently but honestly depicted American small town life in a friendly, understanding manner supporting strong family values and challenging some of the more sensational small town depictions that other films like to portray.

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