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Aladdin (1992)

Aladdin, a street urchin, accidentally meets Princess Jasmine, who is in the city undercover. They love each other, but she can only marry a prince.

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The Synopsis for Aladdin (1992) 720p

Aladdin is a street-urchin who lives in a large and busy town long ago with his faithful monkey friend Abu. When Princess Jasmine gets tired of being forced to remain in the palace that overlooks the city, she sneaks out to the marketplace, where she accidentally meets Aladdin. Under the orders of the evil Jafar (the sultan's advisor), Aladdin is thrown in jail and becomes caught up in Jafar's plot to rule the land with the aid of a mysterious lamp. Legend has it that only a person who is a "diamond in the rough" can retrieve the lamp from the Cave of Wonders. Aladdin might fit that description, but that's not enough to marry the princess, who must (by law) marry a prince.

The Director and Players for Aladdin (1992) 720p

[Director]John Musker
[Director]Ron Clements
[Role:Genie/Merchant]Robin Williams
[Role:Jafar]Jonathan Freeman
[Role:Jasmine]Linda Larkin
[Role:Aladdin]Scott Weinger

The Reviews for Aladdin (1992) 720p

A whole new world. A new fantastic point of view...Reviewed byAtreyu_IIVote: 8/10

The 31st animated Disney classic is one of Disney's best known movies. It also takes us to a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view. This one takes place in Saudi Arabia. I've always liked this movie.

"Aladdin" is very entertaining and great fun. It is hilarious, creative, imaginative and romantic. It isn't a faultless movie, but it's a little difficult not to like it.

I'll start by talking about the characters. The blue Genie is, without a doubt, the most amusing, hilarious, imaginative and genial Genie ever created. Robin Williams steals the show as the Genie's voice. With his incredible talent to do voices, he's hilariously awesome and fantastic as the Genie's voice (and also as the voice of the enigmatic merchant that appears at the beginning, who happens to be an interesting character).

Iago is the funniest character of this movie, along with the Genie. Nobody better than Gilbert Gottfried to voice the sarcastic parrot. Iago is simply hilarious! He's rude, grumpy, sarcastic, hungry for power, malicious, obnoxious and foul-tempered. He has an irritating voice but in a funny way, as well as a great talent to perfectly mimic other characters's voices. However, deep down inside he has a heart. I also love his hate for crackers. I don't see why does he hates crackers so much, but that also makes him so funny! Besides, a parrot with teeth?? lol!

Jafar is a great villain. Although often calm and humorous (for example, he keeps calling "Prince Abooboo" to "Prince Ali"), he also represents the worst and most ambitious kind of villain and he is one of the most dangerous Disney villains. And he does possess a snake-like tone of voice sometimes.

Princess Jasmine, what can I say? Have you ever seen a more beautiful Disney princess? She's just gorgeous! Despite her strong and challenging personality, I like her anyway.

The Sultan is a funny dude. The Magic Carpet is lovable, one of my favorite characters from the movie. Aladdin himself is a nice guy, poor but kind-hearted (although dishonest, immature and selfish sometimes).

Abu is funny mostly because of his vocal sounds, very Donald Duck-like. The Cave of Wonders is an amazing character. It is a giant tiger's head with an absolutely fantastic and brutal deep-throat voice.

"Aladdin" is a festival of magic, special effects, bombastic humor and jokes.

By the way, I absolutely love the song "A Whole New World". The version sung by Aladdin and Jasmine is great, but the original version of Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle is better, deeper and more romantic and classic. It's a very romantic and joyful song, which is always a pleasure to listen. "Arabian Nights" is a nice song as well...

I'd only wish that "Aladdin" hadn't become a victim of its own success. It inspired 2 sequels and several stories with these characters.

This should definitely be on Top 250.

Aladdin is my favorite movie of all time.Reviewed bykatspike69Vote: 10/10

This is my favorite movie of all time. I have loved this movie since I saw it when it came out in 1992. I have watched it so many times, that I know all the words. I think this movie is great to watch with the kids. Or even if you don't have kids. I own all three on DVD and VHS. It is the first movie my daughter saw. I think it is the best Disney movie ever made. I like all three, but the first is still my favorite one. it's the original that sticks with you. the others may be good, but not as good as the first. I hope everyone can enjoy this movie. I think no matter how old you are, or no matter what you do, that there is always room for a good Disney movie.

A tailor-made family film for a unique talent - 80%Reviewed byBenjamin CoxVote: 8/10

Waking up this morning to the tragic news of Robin William's passing, a little piece of my childhood was also gone. Being too young to remember his "Mork And Mindy" TV show, it was his electric performance in this movie that remained resolutely in my mind and in the minds of millions of new fans around the world. Before "Aladdin", Disney were content to chug out endless adaptations of fairy tales voiced by relative unknowns. Now, thanks to Williams, every feature-length animation has a whole host of Hollywood stars and arguably, the genre is stronger now than it's ever been. Going back to "Aladdin" today felt a pleasure and a privilege as it remains a solid watch today, lifted by the sheer magic Williams brought to the picture.

In the desert land of Agrabah, street urchin Aladdin (voiced by Scott Weinger) and his faithful monkey friend Abu (Frank Welker) eke an existence out by thieving from the various market traders peddling their wares. Then one day, by accident, he crosses the path of beautiful Princess Jasmine (Linda Larkin) and falls hopelessly in love. The trouble is, Jasmine can only marry a prince and her father, the Sultan (Douglas Seale), has only three days to find her a suitor - one that she doesn't reject! But that is the least of the Sultan's problems as his villainous adviser Jafar (Jonathon Freeman) seeks a mysterious lamp containing a powerful Genie (Williams) as he seeks to control the land and soon, Aladdin finds himself thrown into conflict with Jafar over who can control the Genie, marry the Princess and rule Agrabah.

If we take Williams out of the picture for a second, "Aladdin" is actually a pretty bog-standard family movie. Being one of the old-school animation pictures, it obviously lacks a little definition that today's crisper CG pictures possess but nevertheless looks quite stunning at times, particularly the views over the city or during Aladdin's midnight magic carpet ride. The songs are top-notch, however, and I personally feel that Genie's number ("Friend Like Me") is a much better song than the film's theme, "A Whole New World". The principal cast do an adequate job - Freeman's Jafar is a baddie for the ages and is assisted by a brilliant Gilbert Gottfried as the talking animal sidekick Iago but as for our love-bird leads, they feel a bit stale. I also couldn't help but notice how all the other characters have exaggerated physical features (not necessarily positive ones either) while Aladdin and Jasmine look like a couple of wholesome characters from "Glee" with perfect teeth, hair and complexion. There is also an overtly sexual look to the female characters - Jasmine is almost impossibly thin and many other background women wear seductive veils and belly-dancing outfits. Was this really necessary, Disney?

But the movie is easily carried by Williams and remains a film you should definitely watch. It feels like he was born to play the part which perfectly utilises his 100-mph delivery and can veer off into any direction at any time. From zipping around as a game show host to impersonating the likes of Jack Nicholson and Peter Lorre, it gives "Aladdin" such a burst of energy that his scenes simply fizzle with life and humour to the detriment of the others. But quite frankly, Robin Williams IS the picture and that's why we all went to see the movie all those years ago. For me, this remains one of his best performances and one that, sadly, we will never get to see again. But he leaves one hell of a legacy - his influence over modern comedians cannot be understated while his body of work - from family comedies such as this to more serious roles in the likes of "Insomnia" and "Good Will Hunting" - would be something anybody would be proud of. But like many of you, he will always be the Genie for me and makes "Aladdin" one of Disney's very best.

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